6 loka 2015

6 loka 2015

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Do you find yourself constantly facing staffing problems when trying to meet your customers’ needs?

We can help by offering a fast, friendly and safe solution.

With Wellpack you can have an employee working for you exactly when you need for as long as you require.

We have been providing a wide range of successful recruitment solutions to various industrial sectors such as the metal and building services.

We only recruit skilled European Union nationals that we have personally interviewed, enabling us to match perfectly the right candidate for the role.

Should you realize at the end of the term that you wish to permanently keep one of our employees, we can make that transition easy by helping with all the contractual  details.

Free up your valuable time spent searching for staff and let Wellpack’s vast knowledge and expertise help you reach your productivity goals by providing you with the reliable efficient personnel you deserve.

Contact us to find the right solution for you!